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You are giving 40% of your order to Hurricane Relief.

You are giving 40% of your order to Hurricane Relief.

Since 2014 Brenda Grands is proud to call Houston home. The hurricane Harvey has been devastating and we want is to support our city in some way.

As a person and business, we had to be evacuated and suffer all the stress that came with that, thank God our house and studio is fine but we know friends and families that have lost their homes, furniture, and more. We want to support those specific families that are in need.

Also, we are volunteering in some shelters in the city, we have been at Lone Star College, Berry Center,  George R. Brown Convention Center, and a couple of churches and we have had the chance to personally know the tragedy of some Houstonians.

Stay tuned to this blog, we will be posting some updates on the shelters and families in need, as well as updates of our donations.

Thank you so much for your support.

God Bless you All and we know we will rebuild together and come back stronger.



- After we were evacuated on Aug 29th, we started serving as volunteers at local churches during  Aug 30th and 31st as well as at Berry Center in the donations distribution.

-Mainly, we have been serving as volunteers with REDCROSS at George R. Brown Convention Center helping with the clothing distribution and talking and praying with many families and people that were highly affected by the hurricane.

-At GRB there are tons of donations of any kind. A team of volunteers were in charge of the main distribution and then passed it to us; we were in charge of a kind of store where people could come and shop all they needed for them and their families. The main activity was to fold all the clothing received from the main distribution center and divide it per genre, type, and size; then, helping person by person to find what they needed.

Helping the people to find what they needed gave us the opportunity to meet so many families and persons that were highly affected, and had the opportunity to learn about their main needs, so we decided to listen to them and buy the things they couldn't find in the donations at GRB.

We also have been in some of the houses that got flooded and helped cleaning them up as well as providing supplies that they need.


Is incredible to see the support of all the people and entities with this devastating event, everybody is trying to help in some way with the belief that we are building together a stronger Houston that soon will recover its losses and get even better.



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