Brenda Granados
CEO + Designer 
At the office: Thoughtfully plans to create innovative collections by setting out a schedule while supervising inventory production. The lively designer creates an energetic vibe within the entire office.
Hobbies: Does not really have time, but maintains a healthy lifestyle by working out & eating right. Adores traveling & enjoys outdoor picnics every now & then. 
Favorite Jewelry Piece: The Victorious Necklace + The Aspen initial in Squarelink 
Angie Granados 
Sales + Marketing Manager 
At the Office: Operator of all wholesale orders & clientele while establishing all marketing updates for the website and the company as a whole. Angie: The one that maintains a peaceful + an organized environment for her surroundings. 
Hobbies: Traveling around the globe 
Favorite Jewelry Piece: The Valiant Necklace
Aslan Granados 
Doggie supervisor 
At the Office: Playfully supervises all of the employers day to day duties while maintaining a joyful crowd with his cheerful personality. 
Hobbies: Be with Mommy. Always. & eat lots of puppuccinos...
Laura Aragon 
Marketing + Sales Coordinator 
At the Office: Manages relationships with wholesalers and boutiques. Stays on top of our markets and keeps up with company logistics.
Hobbies: Works out 5+times a wk, shopping & traveling 
Favorite Jewelry Piece: A capirla Hoops + Opal Huggies + Opal Studs 
Luisa Granados 
Shipping Operations + Accounting Director 
At the Office: Establishes payroll for each employee and is head of all clientele shipping orders. Her sophisticated self giggles at just about anything. 
Hobbies: Loves traveling & spending time with loved ones.
Favorite Jewelry Piece: Warrior Hoops 
Carolina Herrera 
Manufacturer + Merchandise supervisor 
At the Office: Supervises all trade show inventories while assisting in the assembling of jewelry as well. The energetic of them all, enjoys bringing a cheerful spirit to the office. 
Hobbies: Enjoys running & a crossfit lover. 
Favorite Jewelry Piece: Strive earrings + Aspen Double Ring + Arrow Double ring 
Rocio Granados
At the Office: Head of all jewelry manufacturing; Her sweet soul embraces the creation of each piece, while bringing optimism & strength to the designer herself. 
Hobbies: Traveling to her beloved Country & lots of Arts & Crafts 
Favorite Jewelry Piece: Leaf Earclimbers + Aspen in Squarelink 
Maria Isabel Rios
Marketing + Customer Experience Assistant
At the Office: The mind behind our social media and marketing campaigns. Is inspired daily to create content that will bring joy and excitement to others.
Hobbies: Loves to shopping, traveling & enjoys a good movie 
Favorite Jewelry Piece: Royal Ring + Candongas Hoops